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The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse near historic Jamestown is a historic site where glass housewares were hand blown for export back to Europe. These 400-year-old ruins (snapshot at bottom-right) are the relics of the first English manufacturing site in America. The artifacts now lie on the ground only 2 feet above sea-level and about 70 feet from

the beach’s edge. Rising sea-levels make each new storm a little more likely to carry away these historically important relics into the Atlantic.The triangular Fort James (bottom-left of old map) in Jamestown was positioned near the water so that settlers could get a good view of nearing ships, be they friend or foe. Today, the western corner of the fort (small map at top-right) is submerged by water and an armored shoreline was installed, not to defend against encroaching armies, but rising waters.